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Customer Insight

A New Year resolution is to update the blog more often, so here goes with a thought on customer insight.

The issue that has struck me the most during my travels last year is the importance of what I call “insight in the moment”. In other words, the ability of customer facing staff to adapt their actions and behaviour as a reaction to what is happening in front of them (rather than sticking to a predetermined course of action/script/rules etc).

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January to May… So Far.

The launch of Hamish’s new website coincides with Hamish’s most successful and busiest years to date. Since January he has moderated and spoken at Lloyds UK roadshow, been the keynote speaker for two of FIS’s week – long conferences in Orlando, had three events in Dubai, made his first trip to Egypt speaking at the IT Industry Development Agency conference for the Egyptian Government and consulted during workshops for WKD. Read more